[Innovation review] Insights, best practices and innovative building solutions to COVID-19

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To fully support our Partners’ COVID-19 plans, the Innovation Gateway team has dedicated a special sourcing round for innovations that can lessen the impact of this global pandemic.

We have collated the most impactful solutions in the following guides and are opening up the best practices and innovations that emerge, to ensure that we are truly able to leverage the ‘Power of Many’ for all to benefit.

Focus areas include:

Smarter working: Addressing wellbeing, collaboration and co-working remotely 

  • Wellbeing platforms and tool 
  • Engagement and behaviour change 
  • Collaboration tools 
  • Remote event solutions
  • Time management

Building user safety: The 'new normal' for building owners and occupiers 

  • Lone worker safety and distancing 
  • Temperature sensing 
  • Site check-ins 
  • Inventory management

Safer surfaces and touchpoints: Minimising the spread of COVID-19 in buildings 

  • Door handles and public touchpoints
  • Self-cleaning surfaces and surface coatings 
  • Surface cleaning solutions 
  • Personal hygiene solutions 
  • UV-C technologies

Legionella management: Water strategies throughout the Covid-19 lockdown 

  • Remote control and monitoring of water systems 
  • Legionella testing and compliance 
  • Self flushing taps and pipe flushers

Now more than ever, we’re here to guide you through our shared challenges, giving you access to intelligence, insight and inspiration – wherever you are. Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments, insights, experience or solutions.