BRE and Innovation Gateway teaming up to bring you Sustainable innovation in buildings and construction

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Next week will see the Innovation Gateway teaming up with BRE to deliver a workshop that will explore how innovations are being sourced and implemented in the built environment. This is going to be the first event we are co-hosting with BRE and the start of what could become a very rewarding collaboration. It will only be my second event representing the Innovation Gateway since starting in February which means it’s a great learning opportunity for me personally.

The morning is a chance to learn about some innovative solutions but really I’m super excited for having a cruise around the BRE Innovation Park and seeing the full-scale demonstrations of the latest and greatest in building technology.

After lunch Henry Majed of the Innovation Gateway will be chairing a panel discussion with Jo Saunders (RBS), Euan Burns (Carillion) and James Tiernan (Unite students). This session is really about giving space to allow for peer to peer learning. The ability for delegates to hear real stories and see demonstrable impact from their counterparts in different sectors is where the real value lies in this session. 

All in all it’s looking like a solid agenda and I’ve only heard good things about the BRE innovation park so it will be a pleasure to be there in person. 

Register to your spot now, if you haven't already.

Written by Charles Milano, Partnerships Manager at Innovation Gateway