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World EV Day – Going faster together than we can alone


On World EV Day (9-Sep), Innovation Gateway Partners, including NatWest, Tesco, Defra Group and University of Birmingham, came together to discuss with Zap-Map and Advanced Infrastructure their EV solutions and find out how they address common issues around fleet decarbonisation.

The roadmap to transport decarbonisation

The Department for Transport published their Transport Decarbonisation Plan in July this year, which presents a path to net zero transport in the UK, including the commitments and actions needed to make transport decarbonisation happen. The plan states that transport is the largest emitting sector of the UK economy, accountable for 27% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions.

So, what have we identified as the common pain points in the space of fleet decarbonisation?

  • Many organisations have made ambitious public commitments to electrify their fleet of vehicles and expand their charging infrastructure, but there are large gaps between the commitments made and the known means by which they can be achieved.
  • There are a range of EV solutions which have the potential to drive the transition to an electric future, but there is no consensus on which technologies will be able to achieve this the most economically and effectively at the scale required.
  • Future fleets have a more complex ecosystem full of new players and new challenges, which requires additional collaboration at an operational level.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for organisations to work, learn, and deliver impact together to achieve transport decarbonisation and uncover solutions that overcome EV-related challenges.


Addressing the challenge of route planning and zero carbon mobility

To address the challenge of decarbonising fleets, our Partners came together on World EV Day for a Pitch Event – imagine a Dragons Den style setup!

Within the EV Pitch Event, we were fortunate to have Ben Lane, Co-Founder and CTO of Zap-Map and Lily Cairns Haylor, Chief Customer Officer and Christopher Jackson, Co-Founder at Advanced Infrastructure present to our Partners on their solutions and collaborative offering Zap-Zero.

In support of Zap Map’s new low carbon routing application, Zap Zero, Advanced Infrastructure will provide live carbon intensity data for every charge point in the UK, which will enable EV fleets to monitor, change and report the carbon emission associated with their EV’s electricity usage with greater accuracy than ever before.


Leading the future of net zero transport

Innovation Gateway Partners are coming together to fast-track their fleet electrification through the deployment of action pilots, with the aim to deploy EV projects together within the next 12-months.

EVzero is an action-focused group that brings together leading organisations to collectively identify and overcome challenges to deploy actionable EV pilots that are key to delivering their decarbonisation goals. The group enables organisations to:

  • Collaborate with the world’s most ambitious organisations on the development and deployment of mutually beneficial pilot projects.
  • Access to practical experience, knowledge, data, and tools from peers and experts to inform operational decision making.
  • Share, work, and experiment together in a secure space and gain greater advice and technical support on challenges that are proving difficult to resolve alone.
  • Reduce risk and costs and drive greater outcomes by avoiding mistakes others have made.

Other Action Groups are also being set up focussing on fleet, capacity, and HGV.

If you would like to be involved in this exciting EVzero action group, please get in touch with our Head of Marketing, Maggie Wong (maggiewong@innovationgateway.com).


Our Partners are leading the way

On World EV Day, NatWest Group announced that they joined forces with EV8 Switch in a partnership to support their customers to switch to electric vehicles, in addition to their exciting work with EQUANS to deliver more than 600 high power charging points across its office locations in the UK, which was announced in August.

Whilst in April 2021, Tesco announced that its EV charging network achieved a half-million milestone through working with Volkswagen and Pod Point.

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By Alie King, Research and Collaboration Officer

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