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Speed up your heat decarbonisation

Heat represents nearly 40% of UK emissions. We can't reach net zero without radical change. Given the size of commercial heat as a proportion of UK energy demand, heat decarbonisation is key to achieving ambitious carbon neutral targets

Joining the HEATzero action group enables your organisation to leverage the collective power of peers and experts to achieve actionable progress around commercial heat decarbonisation at scale

HEATzero focuses on these areas

Heat Infrastructure

Alternative Technology

Grid and Energy Capacity

Commercial Considerations

What our partners say

The HEATzero action group journey

Programme overview


We scope individual member needs, define key challenges, and identify a prioritised list of focus areas to work on.

Member Introduction

We introduce fellow HEATzero members, bring in leading industry experts, and provide access to shared resources and tools.

Collaboration Workshops

We facilitate and unpack shared critical challenges, co-develop solutions ready to deploy, and enable peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and expert support.

One-on-one Sessions

We carry out individual investigations into organisational requirements, provide tailored feedback reflecting member needs, and ensure ongoing support through the programme.

Project Deployment

We help you get ready to deploy the solutions identified.

Start your HEATzero journey with us now

Speak to us today to accelerate your heat decarbonisation


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