Completed Challenges

Take a look at previous challenges we've tackled and how they can apply to you.

Reducing building energy consumption

Does your innovation improve local comfort cooling in buildings? Could it reduce the amount of energy used by digital signage and screens? We’re also looking for novel approaches to ultra-low temperature storage.

Improving employee health and safety

Do you have an innovation that will improve employee health and well-being? Will it reduce risk in the workplace or improve disability access? 

Improving waste recycling rates

Do you have an innovation that will increase recycling potential by separating various waste streams at source?

Facilities maintenance

Can your technology automate routine maintenance activities and safety inspections across large building portfolios?

Managing water use and quality

Do you have a novel approach to minimising legionella risk?  Can your innovation reduce water consumption in showers and toilets?  Got a better way of monitoring water use?

​Portable heating & cooling

Do you have an innovative temporary heating or cooling solution that can be implemented in the case of the main systems failure?

​Reducing use of electrical energy in buildings

Do you have an innovative hardware or control solution that can deliver energy and cost saving opportunities? 

​Innovative solutions to building heat loss

Do you have an innovative solution that can reduce thermal loss from existing commercial buildings, and provides superior return on investment and comfort, when compared to commonly available approaches?

Improving the maintenance of gutters

Do you have an innovation that can decrease the need to clean and maintain the gutters across all building types, leading to a reduction in the need for repeat visits? Or a solution that can address access issues whilst meeting health and safety / regulatory requirements?

​Reducing water use and waste

Do you have an innovation that can reduce water use or waste (particularly potable water)? Or a solution that that can help to manage water more efficiently, or increase the use of recycled water? 

​Predicting plant and equipment failures

Do you have an innovation that can identify, predict and alert the obsolescence or malfunctioning of plant and equipment? Can the solution identify or predict when equipment requires maintenance, and so reduce maintenance costs, downtime, and the requirement for non-scheduled replacement?

Asset register, data collection, management and analysis

Do you have an innovative solution that will reduce our costs of collecting and managing asset data; and improve our ability to make smart use of asset register data to: inform maintenance, renewal and replacement decisions; optimise management operations; and provide essential management information to guide investment decisions and plans?

Solutions to improve reliability and performance of automatic doors

Do you have an innovative door mechanism or control solution that will help us to improve the reliability, performance, safety, security and energy efficiency of our automatic doors, whilst helping us to reduce our total cost of ownership?

Remote monitoring and maintenance

Do you have an innovative solution that could reduce the cost of collecting timely and accurate status and performance data from different plant and equipment types distributed across multiple sites? Or a solution that allows us to ensure continued site access and compliance at vacant sites whilst reducing the cost of maintenance and energy consumption?

Reducing on-site energy usage in older building stock

Do you have an innovation that is designed to reduce energy usage in older building stock (1970s and earlier)? We’re looking for truly innovative solutions that provide improved performance and durability, or reduced cost and interruption to building occupancy, when compared to more widely understood approaches.

Analysing energy use without meters

Can you help us analyse, model or monitor energy use in occupied or vacant buildings where there is no existing metering?

Improving site level energy resilience

The Gateway partners manage millions of square feet of buildings, of all types. Can you help us improve their energy efficiency and improve their resilience to fluctuations in supply?

Segregating waste from recycling

Do you have a solution to help consumers and waste/recycling companies quickly and easily sort their waste and recycling in office and/or public places?

Improving workers’ long-term health & wellbeing

Many factors, like air quality, posture, ergonomics and stress play a part in the long-term health of a workforce. Do you have a product or solution that can improve or track employee wellbeing? 

Encouraging resource efficiency

Do you have an innovative technology capable of reaching employees across the Gateway Partners, to encourage them to reduce their environmental impact at work – or even at home?

Reducing energy use

The Gateway partners manage millions of square feet of buildings. Can you help us generate renewable electricity in smaller buildings, reduce the amount of energy we use for heat, light and ventilation and reduce refrigeration energy loads?

Reducing water use

Can you help us increase water efficiency and reduce water wastage across our partners’ properties so we’re increasingly resilient to changes in water availability?

Reducing and reusing waste

Do you have a product, idea or technology that can reduce or re-purpose food waste and office waste so we can meet our ambitious zero waste to landfill targets?

Improving energy and efficiency

Can your innovation reduce the water, waste, energy and environmental impacts of properties and help us achieve Carbon Neutral properties? 

Reducing travel and transport

Can you help reduce business travel by 50% and offer smart ideas for reducing transport emissions across our supply chains?

Improving local planning and resilience

Can you help us improve the sustainability of our local areas, identify processes that will help to future proof against climate change and plan for future changes such as energy and resource scarcity?

Creating a happier, healthier workplaces

Employee engagement and staff well-being are key to to many organisations. Do you have an innovation, including behavioural and cultural change initiatives, which can foster a happy and healthy workplace? 

Sourcing sustainably

Do you have an idea that can help us source products and services locally and sustainably, as well as encouraging their suppliers to reduce their own environmental impact?

Identifying renewable energy opportunities

How can campus based organisations use existing infrastructure like surface car parks, weirs and boreholes to introduce renewable energy technologies and meet their energy needs?

Managing energy consumption

Do you have a technology to help us make smarter use of their energy data or to give us greater control of their consumption?

Achieving zero waste

Many organisations achieve high recycling rates but we want to do better and have an aspiration to achieve zero waste to landfill. Do you have an innovation to support this?

Reducing water use

Some of our properties use as much as 60,000m3 of water p.a. How can we reduce this?

Enhancing biodiversity

We would like to undertake redevelopment or ground works in a way that protects and enhances the local biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Do you have an idea that supports this?

Getting to work

Can you help provide more commuting options or make better use of the facilities and infrastructure for out of town campuses?

Engaging employees

How can we influence culture and behaviours to ensure that our employees have ownership of their environmental performance?